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The Story Behind Black Mica

By Water Liberty September 26, 2017 0 comments

‘Black Mica,’ which is naturally found all over our planet. It’s a powerful combination of earth’s naturally occurring minerals embedded in granite.

Back in 1968, as Dr. Asao Shimanishi sat on a beach and admired a tree growing out of a rock, he noticed there was something very peculiar about this rock. There were no visible nutrients surrounding it, he wondered, “How is this tree surviving?”

This inspired Dr. Shimanishi to investigate and what he found was that he could use these black mica minerals to activate water’s natural ability to cleanse itself of chemical and contaminants unlike anything else known to science.

What makes these minerals so unique is their high concentration of ionic sulfate minerals, minerals which have magnetic properties.

They basically pull in whatever toxin is in the water and bind with it. This changes the molecular structure of the toxin, rendering it harmless.

Dr. Shimanishi created a patented process (U.S. patent 4,776,963) to extract the minerals from biotite for water purification.

This discovery of his led him to become the leading authority in water treatment in Japan. His stunning discovery has been used in the treatment of raw sewage and waste water for use in agriculture, horticulture and aquatics.

Now thanks to Matt Bakos, who has been working as an apprentice under Dr. Shimanishi’s work for over 9 years, this brilliant discovery has made its way over to us in North America and into the hands of the hundreds and thousands of people who are unknowingly suffering from toxicity.

Till soon,

Water Liberty

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