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Have You Fallen Victim To The Biggest Bottled Water Hoax?

Are you an exclusive bottled water drinker who believes that bottled water is the ‘healthier‘ option. If so, forgive us because we’re going to burst your bubble here in a second.

The Hidden Mist Of Bottled Water

Water Faceut

Did you know the industry itself acknowledges that up to 45% of bottled water is just plain old water from the municipal water supply, most of all are put in a fancy bottle and sold at a ridiculous 280,000% mark up!

Shocking, isn’t it?

Back in 2006 National Geographic News came out with a report revealing that bottled water is actually no healthier than tap water. Numerous news stations including ABC and FOX all have segments called “The bottled water scam.”

It’s a super quick reality check on the water industry and its sneaky marketing schemes made to scare, seduce, and mislead us.

So, not only are you wasting money on a resource that is readily available in your home, pouring out of your tap-like the fountain of youth, by buying bottles of water you are also contributing to our planet’s plastic pandemic.

In fact, It takes about 1.5 million barrels of oil a year to make plastic bottles for America alone. And according to the Container Recycling Institute in Washington DC, 86% of America’s plastic water bottles don’t even get recycled; they just sit in a landfill.


Reduce your pollution footprint and save your hard earned cash and get a reusable BPA free water bottle. Or better yet save a glass bottle or mason jar from a previous purchase and switch to tap water.