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About Us

At Water Liberty, our mission is to Save Water, Save Lives, and Save Earth. We are a team of green enthusiasts who wants to preserve the scarce amount of natural resources there are left to us and our future generation, help those who are deprived of clean and healthy sources of water and food, and conserve the only planet us human beings can survive on.

With this major mission in mind, we guarantee Outstanding Client Experiences, Top Quality and Life-Changing Innovative Technologies that are unavailable in the mainstream market.


In addition, we partnered with charity: water and Trees for the Future because we strive to Pay It Forward with each sale that we generate. In total, we have helped to build two wells and planted over 100,000 trees throughout developing countries.



We strive to bring wellness and joy into people’s lives by promoting better health and sustainable living through our innovative technologies. We believe that in order to have a liberated, peaceful, and healthy civilization, we must preserve our planet while paying forward generously all that we have gained.

How We Achieve Our Mission

At Water Liberty, we continue to be on the lookout for breakthrough technologies that are affordable and effective, most of which are innovations hidden from the public. We spread those technologies around the world so that everyone gets a chance to improve their living. We also share the years of knowledge we have accumulated in the area of water pollution and environmental crisis through our blog!