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How Black Mica “Heals” Your Water

By Water Liberty February 05, 2019 0 comments

Black Mica
is the king of all stones, it brings rise to the entire mineral matrix that is found on our planet. This philosopher stone is what cleanses our planet’s water and what provides hot springs with its healing minerals such as sulfur. It is simply the most powerful water filter and purifier on the planet… It “heals” water back to its pristine and most healthful state.
But there is also some amazing science that is telling us why Black Mica is so incredible at purifying even the most disgusting water…

Scientists now speculate that life on Earth actually originated on this planet between the thin layers of Black Mica underneath the ground. This is because the Mica has been found to have incredible life-supporting properties!

How is this possible?

Black Mica layers, which are found near volcanoes or deep underground are held together by potassium. This concentration of potassium inside the Mica is very similar, almost exactly the same as the concentration of potassium in our cells.

In fact Biophysicist at UCSB and Program Director at the National Science Foundation Helena Hansa has put forth a widely supported theory…That the very first life on earth (basic one-cell organisms) actually began between these sheets of Black Mica.

Here is the important part: what this means in plain English is that Black Mica has the imprint of life, the very blue-print for cellular life that makes up our flesh and bones in its structure!

And if that’s not amazing enough, check this out…

Black Mica has been called “Mineral Sunlight” by Scientists because of its life-giving properties…

That’s right! Science has now discovered that Black Mica vibrates at the exact same frequency as sunlight.

Essentially what Black Mica is, is sulphates — sulphate minerals packed together in tiny sheets.

See, in the deepest parts of our Oceans, there is no light; it’s pitch black and yet, near the volcanic vents in these areas, which are spewing out sulphates constantly, there’s an abundance of underwater life!

How these organisms have managed to survive has baffled scientists for many years…until scientists found that sulphates could actually provide an alternative for sunlight which could give life to deep underwater sea creatures.


Well, because the minerals in Black Mica vibrate at the same frequency at which cellular life thrives. This is about 10,000 vibrations per second.

This is why Dr. Shimanishi, who first discovered Black Mica, was so excited about the potential of these minerals to actually “heal” the most polluted water! With this profound understanding, Dr. Shimanishi approached water as if it were actually “alive”, as if it were a living being.

And with the “living” mineral in Black Mica he was able to do absolutely stunning things to “cure” the world’s most toxic and deadly water…

What he found is that when the minerals in Black Mica are introduced to water, water returns back into its primordial or “ancient” state. It becomes the water that supports a positive and healthy state for all of life on earth!

These minerals have the power to turn ordinary tap water into the most incredible water on earth, with properties that you would previously only find in healing hot springs and mineral springs!

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