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Take The Rat Poison Out Of Your Tap Water

By Water Liberty October 12, 2017 0 comments

Many of the toxins you ingest get stored in your tissues, organs, and bones because your body has no way of getting rid of them. They quietly accumulate and go unnoticed causing a little more damage as each day goes by…until finally something as serious as kidney stones or cancer develops.

Fluoride was introduced in 1945 and put into the public water supply to prevent tooth decay

What they forgot to mention is that fluoride is a hazardous industrial by-product from the mining and phosphate fertilizer industries. It’s an active ingredient in rat poison. 

Fluoride’s ‘official’ name is ‘Hydrofluosilicic Acid.’ Google it and you’ll see how it can contain trace amounts of arsenic and lead, two dangerous neurotoxins, three including fluoride.

Now it’s being dumped into your drinking water on a daily basis.

Your body can’t get rid of fluoride so it’s stored in calcium dense tissues such as your bones, joints, ligaments and teeth.

Fluoride builds up in teeth; you can see it as white or black blemishes. It’s called dental fluorosis and it’s basically a symptom of fluoride poisoning.

Fluoride was originally put into your tap water to prevent tooth decay however, it turns out that it’s doing more damage than good. In some causes people’s teeth turn brown, begin to rot, and fall out.

Recent studies have shown that fluoride is ineffective in the aid of dental hygiene.

Ever noticed the poison control warning on your fluoridate toothpaste?  It’s been reported that at least 10,000 children are made sick by toothpaste every year.

Oh, and did we mention that fluoride is a neurotoxin that damages your brain? 

This is a serious concern, especially in regards to our children. Exposure to fluoride, especially young children, leads to improper brain development and learning disabilities.

And get this: in the 1950‘s, shortly after fluoride was being added to tap water, a biochemist of Harvard University, James B. Sumner, won the Nobel Prize for enzyme chemistry for his work in proving that fluoride poisons enzymes.

According to Sumner, if you want to make an organism sick or die (including us humans), all you have to do is poison its enzymes.

The list of the dangers of fluoride is endless, ranging from hypothyroidism, obesity, hair loss, concentration issues, cancerous tumors, arthritis, immune system disorders, DNA and genetic damage to...

Ok that’s enough doom and gloom for one day.

Talk soon,

Water Liberty

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