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We Are 99% Water

By Water Liberty September 14, 2017 0 comments

There’s a term used to describe water that has no mineral or nutrient value to it…it’s called ‘dead water.” Drinking dead water actually dehydrates you and pulls minerals out from your body because when you drink it, your body has no use for it and tries to flush it out as fast as possible. As the body flushes out the dead water, vital nutrients and minerals such as sodium and magnesium go with it.

Usually we would rely on our food to get these trace minerals but with industrialized agriculture along with its pesticides and herbicides, our soil is void of many important nutrients. At the end, we have a food product that is not only lacking vitamins and minerals but is also loaded with cancer-associated chemicals.

Did you know you are actually 99% water?

At a molecular level, when you look at every single cell in your body, it’s made up of 99.9% water.

Water fills and surrounds our cells. Water is what cells depend on for nutrient exchange. 

Dr. Gerard Pollack, University of Washington professor of bioengineering and expert in water and health, poses a thought provoking question, “Are we human beings made up of 99.9% water, or are we water having a human experience?”

Since our entire existence relies on water you can see the importance of clean pristine water and its effects on our health.

Our worldwide health crisis of cancers, cardiovascular disease, neurological illness, etc, are a perfect reflection of the immensely toxic world we live in.

Simply by reducing your toxin exposure, you will create a healthier living environment and as a result, create a healthier body and a happier life.


Water Liberty

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