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Just Trace Amounts Of This Stuff Is Deadly

By Water Liberty January 07, 2019 0 comments

For years we’ve known that excessive amount of metals in our bodies is dangerous, but now research is beginning to reveal that even trace amount of some of these metals can contribute to serious health problems.

Heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, and cadmium are on top of the hazard list.

The American Journal of Cardiology and the American Medical Association confirmed that heavy metal toxicity is directly correlated with cardiovascular disease and cancer.Neil Ward of UK’s University of Surrey confirms that even trace amount of these metals contributes to aggression and antisocial behavior.

Check out this quick 5 minute video with heavy metal and chemical toxicity expert Dr Rashid A. Buttar. He explains how heavy metal toxicity is responsible for chronic health conditions like cancer, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease:

 Heavy Metal Toxicity with Dr. Rashid A Buttar

The unfortunate truth is that it’s pretty difficult to get away from these metals because they are way too commonly found in our food supply, household and personal products, and even in the vaccines we give to our children.

These metals become a problem when they build up in our vital organs and tissues because they disrupt our body’s normal biological functioning. Symptoms can range anywhere from minor physical ailments to chronic disease.

Lead has been linked to delinquency, mental disturbances and lowered IQ, especially in children.

Aluminum has been linked to antisocial behavior as well as brain disorders, learning disabilities, dementia, and Alzheimer's

Mercury builds up in fatty tissues, especially in the brain, and can cause Parkinsonian symptoms as it terrorizes your nervous system.

To make matters worse, fluoridated water increases the body’s absorption of heavy metals, especially lead and aluminum.

These toxic metals compete for binding sites at chemical receptor sites in your body and prevent you from absorbing the vital minerals you need such as iron, zinc, and manganese.

Without sufficient iron intake, you can become anemic. Without enough zinc, your endocrine system shuts down.

These metals also step into place where normal vital nutrients would be in a metabolic process in your body and ruin the outcome. This causes severe enzyme disruption and your body just can’t function properly anymore.

In most cases, your body can’t remove these pollutants on their own and in other cases, it can take up to 16 years for your body to flush out an unwanted metal.

Wishing you wellness,

The Water Liberty Team

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