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CDC: 1 in 36 Children Have Lead Poising in 2013

By Water Liberty January 22, 2019 0 comments

If you think lead poisoning is not much of a problem anymore. Think again!

In a 2013 report, written just a few months ago the Centers for Disease Control disclosed that 1 in 38 children suffer from the life-long debilitating effects of lead poisoning!

See, the problem is in our pipes. You would never drink out of a rusty pipe on purpose would you?

The kind that are corroded to the point that little red flakes of oxidized metal float into your glass.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what most of the pipes look like in municipal water systems across North America.

Plus, there are some private wells I have seen that are even worse! Pipes that contaminate our water with lead can lead a to a host of health issues.

Drinking water with lead can cause delays in physical and mental development, slight deficit in attention span and learning disabilities in babies and children.  

In adults, it can increase blood pressure, develop kidney problems and high blood pressure.

The Government won’t admit it outright, but the evidence makes it clear that lead exposure in our water supply is a problem that is exploding. Lead is rarely found in source water, but it’s a widely accepted fact that lead can enter tap water through corrosion of plumbing materials.

But rusty pipes are just one of the MANY ways lead is getting into our water supply! Even legally “lead-free” plumbing may contain up to 8% lead!

Lead is often found in some of the most common household plumbing connections.  These include brass or chrome-plated brass faucets and fixtures.

These fixtures can then leak significant amounts of lead into the water – especially hot water. Like I mentioned before the Centers for Disease Control reported that 1 in 38 children suffer from the life-long debilitating effects of lead poisoning.

See, even tiny amounts of lead in the environment can cause serious health problems.  And to make matters worse lead poisoning is almost impossible to detect… at least until the symptoms are full-blown.

Those symptoms include: Irritability, fatigue, abdominal pain, learning difficulties, slowed growth, headaches, mental decline and many many more.

More than a half-million US children now have lead poisoning despite some progress being made in eliminating lead exposure, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

That means 500,000 children in the US suffer from lead poisoning!  That statistic alone is shocking and something must be done to protect your family.

But lead in our water supply will do much more than just impair learning, stunt our children’s growth and slow mental development…

In fact here is a complete list of lead exposure symptoms at various exposure levels.

Please take a moment to think about your families current exposure levels and risk factors for lead poisoning…


Low levels effects can include increased risk of developing kidney damage and disease, increased blood pressure, anemia, reduced sperm count and fertility, future risk of osteoporosis in children.


Moderate exposure to lead over time can increase risk for hearing loss, digestive issues including abdominal pain, cramps, nausea, vomiting, altered immune systems and changes in levels of certain hormones.


Extremely high levels of lead over time can increase risk of developing convulsions, including an inability to control hands and feet, chronic kidney failure, miscarriage and stillbirth, and many types of cancer.

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