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How To Turn Your Trash Into Food

By Water Liberty February 01, 2019 0 comments

What do you do with your food scraps?

Do you throw them away with the rest of your garbage to rot in a landfill. Or do you have a little bit of a green thumb and compost your fruit and veg left overs?

Here’s a great way to reuse your food scraps to turn them into something nutritiously delicious.

Get a big tupperware container that fits in your freezer and throw your food scraps in there. Save the skins, innards and ends of fruits and vegetables, even eggshells, thats right egg shells.

blogWhen the tub gets full, throw the scraps in a big pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and cook it for about an hour. Strain it and “whala”, you have a mineral packed veggie stock ready to make some home-made soup with.

The best veggies for a tasty stalk are:

– onions and garlic
– potatoes and carrots
– bell peppers
– parsley and spinach bottoms
– apples and pears
– zucchini and beet parts
– lettuce, pea pods, and tomato tops and bottoms

Avoid eggplant, citrus rind and banana peels, they’ll make the stock bitter.

You can also use this nutrient dense water to cook quinoa, rice, or pasta with. If you’re making a stir fry and need to add some water, add this stock instead. You’ll add lots of flavor and even more nutrition to your dish.

Once you’ve boiled your food left overs you can go on with your usual routine, either stick it in the compost or chuck it out with the trash. However, compost would be the preferred, more green option.

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