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Flavored Water Recipes

By Water Liberty March 05, 2019 0 comments

Here are some simple yet delicious flavored water recipes. They will make drinking water everyday easier and more enjoyable! Additionally, let’s not forget to mention about the health benefits that come along with each drink.

Flavored Water Recipe #1 – The Lemon Squeeze

Squeeze an entire lemon into your pitcher of water.

Notably, when you do this, your kidneys and liver will love you!

Lemon helps to rehydrate the system by cleaning out the liver and kidneys. Moreover, they help out with the lymphatic system and the flow of waste out of the body.

Also, it is a natural energiser. It oxygenates your body by giving you a boost of energy similar to a cup of coffee.

Lemon also has thermo-genic properties. What this means is that it creates heat. So it can help to boost your metabolism. That’s why drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is often used to promote weight-loss.

Flavored Water Recipe #2 – Cinnamon Stix

Soak a couple of cinnamon sticks in your water over night.

Because it has blood sugar stabilising properties, cinnamon is traditionally used to help with diabetes. Moreover, it has the ability to improve glucose and lipid levels by activating your insulin receptors!

Furthermore, cinnamon is also used for weight-loss as it too has thermogenic properties.

Flavored Water Recipe #3 – Cucumber Spritz

Soak sliced, diced, peeled or un-peeled cucumber in your water over night

Cucumber adds minerals into your water. Here we will introduce a couple of them. The first one is Vitamin C which aids with immunity. Secondly, Vitamin K promotes healthy blood flow and helps you heal after injury. Lastly, potassium which helps with proper function of your cells, muscles and heart.

Cucumber is extremely hydrating- it prevents water retention and has anti-inflammatory properties.

*You can also use this cucumber water to rinse your face with in the morning. It closes up pores and reduces oiliness leaving your skin feeling nice and refreshed.

Now that you know the basics, you can go and experiment with new concoctions of your own water recipes.

It’s as simple a couple of drops out of an eye dropper.

Happy Cleansing!



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