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How To Create A Bottomless Supply Of Nutrient Dense Soil

By Water Liberty February 06, 2019 0 comments

Compost is important because it adds nutrients back into the soil and improves its structure. Plants grown in this soil thrive and are extremely nutrient dense compared to produce that is grown in a industrial mono-crop style. It is the traditional and sustainable way to grow real food.

This soil is perfect for gardening, for potted plants around the house and even for the grass out on your lawn. 

The materials you’ll need:

  • Large trash can with a lid that locks on
  • Platform of some sort (you can use bricks or pieces of 2×4 wood
  • Screws (to attach platform to trash can)
  • Drill with large drill bit


  1. Drill holes along the sides of your trash can, as well as on the lid and on the bottom. About 20-30 holes.
  2. If you are using a wooden platform, attach the platform to the bottom of your bin. This platform will allow for drainage from the composting bin, as well as to save the grass underneath your bin. Make sure that you do not cover up the holes that you have made on the bottom of the bin. Or, if you need to, just drill a few more holes in the bottom.
  3. Collect some of the items on the approved list, and start composting!
  4. Every couple of days, go out to the yard and put your trash can on its side. Roll it around the yard for a couple of minutes. Add more items from the approved list, as you produce them.
  5. Use the rich dark soil whenever you need it.

*Important tip: Make sure you put cardboard, paper, wood chips, grass clippings, leaves in with your fruit and veg. This helps balance the carbon-nitrogen ratio for a proper compost. You need both “brown” (carbon and dry) and “green” (nitrogen and damp) materials for proper speedy and healthy decomposition.

Happy Composting!

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