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Dandelion: Much More Than a Pesky Weed!

We’ve blown on them as kids, we’ve stepped on them by accident numerous times, we’ve even spent time and money trying to get rid of them; but are we vastly underestimating the flower that can potentially kill cancer cells?  A common plant found in many fields and generally considered as just a weed, dandelions are more beneficial than what we give it credit for. Let’s debunk one misunderstanding at a time shall we? Yes, dandelions are a weed, but they are a beneficial weed. The presence of dandelions actually provides a range of uses in our ecosystem. As you know, insects such as bees and butterflies depend heavily on dandelions for pollen and nectar. But if you’re a gardener, the...

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Ginkgo Biloba: A Plant That Cannot Be Destroyed.

Trees that are strong enough to survive an atomic bombing, guess what they could do to your body if you ate it? Ginkgo biloba happens to be one of these mighty plants and it has been around ever since the dinosaurs existed. Strongly resistant to disease, rarely inhabited by insects, ginkgo biloba is so powerful that even pollution and confined spaces didn’t stop it from flourishing. A food source that can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes, you can also gain possible medicinal benefits from it too! Originally native to China, Ginkgo Biloba’s Asian roots have now spread internationally and its advantages are getting recognized.   Most common in Asian culture, Ginkgo Biloba can be used in soup,...

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DO NOT USE: What Your Cleaners AREN’T Telling You

When purchasing cleaning supplies, what is the first thing you look for? The brand name, the smell of the cleaner, or what ingredients are in the solution? A lot of cleaners available today are made up of a long list of chemicals, so many of us don’t bother reading the labels. Who understands a bunch of very specific scientific names anyways? Not reading the packaging though could turn out to be a big mistake. Here are some examples of chemicals you might find while cleaning: If your bottle of toilet bowl cleaner has Chlorinated Phenols on its label, throw it away unless you want to potentially ruin your respiratory and circulatory system! Love using window cleaners? Butyl Cellosolve is a...

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White Rice Or Brown Rice… What’s The Difference?

When we think about eating healthy or starting a new diet, one of the first things that come to mind is cutting carbohydrates. For any food enthusiasts, it’s almost painful to say goodbye to pasta, bread, and rice… But nowadays there are plenty of alternatives that can (almost) completely satisfy your cravings. Particularly with rice, you can substitute it with brown rice for a similar taste and texture that also gives you lots of benefits! One cup serving of brown rice contains 10% of the daily recommended protein and 14% of the daily recommend fibre. But neither of those are the stars of the show, because brown rice contains a mind-blowing 88% of the manganese you need in a day...

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Detergents May Be Linked To Diabetes And Obesity?!

Don’t you just love the smell of your clothes after they come out of the washer? Don’t they just release your stress from a full day of work and chores, relaxing you from spirit to soul to body? The moment you pull out your supposedly “clean” clothes from your dryer, the fresh mountain rain scent fills your entire laundry room and wraps around you ever so tightly that…it could be increasing your risk of developing diabetes and obesity! Detergents contain toxic chemicals that disrupt your health slowly, and this has been an open secret for quite some time. Just to fill you in, detergent companies do not care to list out every single ingredient in the bottles that you lug...

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