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Detergent May Be Destroying Our Planet

By Water Liberty August 17, 2017 0 comments

If you care about saving our Planet and our Oceans from toxic chemicals... and you’re interested in saving some money by switching to Green products, you’ve got to be part of this today and read this letter. This is positively a life altering event for anyone who ‘gets it’.

You see, while you’re putting fuel into your car every week, you may probably not even be aware that you’re putting fuel, literally, into your clothes and washing machine every week as well. Why?

Because the stuff you’re washing your clothes with is actually made and derived from petro-chemicals, in other words: OIL. It's the same stuff you power your car with.

You’re putting it on your skin when you wash your clothes in it. You're sleeping in it when you wash your sheets in it. And it affects more than just your health.

It’s a “must buy” thing, just like driving, everyone needs clean clothes. And the price of detergent is now up to $20 per bottle. It’s insane!

But little did you know, detergent is not a necessity. In fact, there are technology that exists today to help you clean your clothes without detergent. How amazing is that? This means you will never have to pay inflated detergent prices again, saving you thousands of dollars to spend on other real necessities and improve your overall health.

This means stepping away from and not having to be dependent on OIL.

This means literally, you being able to stop pouring gallons of chemically polluted water into the water supply every week.



The Water Liberty Team

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