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Is Sunscreen Safe?

By Water Liberty February 20, 2019 0 comments

For years now we have been led to believe that we need to avoid the sun at all costs and slather up with sunscreen whenever we’re out in the sun to ‘protect’ ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun…


According to Bernard Ackerman, MD, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of skin cancer and the sun, sunscreens and melanoma skin cancer risks and he says,

“The link between melanoma and sun exposure (dermatology’s dogma) is unproven.There’s no conclusive evidence that sunburns lead to cancer.There is no real proof that sunscreens protect against melanoma.There’s no proof that increased exposure to the sun increases the risk of melanoma.”

And now new research is beginning to reveal that this obsession with sunscreen has actually caused us more harm than good because:

1) Overall sun avoidance combined with the wearing of sunscreen prevents the body from producing vitamin D3 from the sun’s UVB rays- this is the best form of vitamin D for us by the way. Vitamin D is what actually protects us from many disease like multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, IBS.. And get this, Vit D deficiency has been linked to aggressive forms of skin cancer!

2) Nearly every sunscreen in the U.S. uses toxic chemicals like oxybenzone, homosalate and octinoxate which are known carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that penetrate the skin and affect the reproductive and thyroid systems and permanently alter the reproductive development and behavior in children.

The EWG actually recommends that consumers avoid these chemical at all costs.

A 2000 Swedish study also concluded that higher rates of melanoma occurred in those who used sunscreen versus those who did not and according to a June 2014 article featured in The Independent (UK), a major study found that women who avoid sunbathing during the summer are twice as likely to die as those who sunbathe every day.

Crazy, huh? This information just makes me want run out and soak up the warm sun rays!

There are safe sunscreen options though because hey, sunburns hurt! The natural mineral kinds of sunscreens that use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are your safer options because these ingredients don’t penetrate the skin and don’t disrupt your hormone systems.

Here’s to safely soaking up some Vitamin D!

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