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Are You Saving Enough Time For Meditation?

By Water Liberty March 21, 2019 0 comments

Meditation is a lot more than just breathing in and breathing out. It’s carving out a moment of peace, reflection and soul-enrichment in our otherwise chaotic and exhausting lives.

If you decide to give yourself an hour, or half an hour each day, just to relax your mind and calm your nerves. You are going to see some truly amazing effects playing up in your skin, your health, your mental state and your life. People say meditation is the best therapy for depression. That’s true, but that’s not all.

Meditation can help you heal yourself in more ways than one. Is it a bad habit or a physical ailment? Are you struggling against jerk-like spasm, or perhaps, chain smoking? Meditation will help you clear your mind, wipe away the negativity and the clean away the clutter. It will give you positivity, hope and motivation.

So, the question is, are you giving yourself the one thing that you need most? Are you saving up enough time in your schedule to be able to meditate and replenish yourself each day?

If not, then here’s what you need to do:

Early bird

If you meditate early morning, right after you wash your face and brush your teeth, the effect is going to be miraculous. And besides, early in the morning is just the right time because you won’t have to feeling guilty about leaving behind dozens of chores, hungry children or an unfinished season.

Don’t fret about how much time you can give your meditation routine so early when you’re always in a hurry to do your hair, your makeup and grab some coffee. Even if you manage to put in 5 minutes to just relax and shut your brain, it will be a gift that only you can give yourself.

Set Reminders

You need to make meditation an essential part of your schedule, and for that you need to make special time for it. Once you set aside time and you have nothing else planned, you’ll look forward to that time of relaxation that you have allotted for yourself.

Now that meditation is on your To-Do list, you just have to remind yourself so that you don’t schedule anything else at that hour in forgetfulness. Set up alarms, or even, mark it on your phone’s calendar to get a reminder.

Start Small

Don’t set unrealistic objectives for yourself, because when you don’t meet them, you’ll only get disappointed and demotivated. So, begin small and let a small habit grow on to you and turn into a habit you just can’t think of giving up or compromising with.

Don’t imagine yourself meditating for an hour or two on the very first day. Your meditational activity will grow gradually, so don’t get discouraged. Just be sure to maintain consistency.

No specific Posture

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sit in a certain position to be meditating. In fact, the truth is that you can meditate in any position, whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or lying down flat.

So, even if you have to travel overseas, do some chores or any other possible thing, don’t give up your mediation that easily. It’s just a practice of your mind, and you can do it anywhere as long as you manage to tune out the noise.

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