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EASY DIY: Blueberry and Lemon Detox Drink

Do you find it difficult to reach your 8 cups of water a day? Do you just find it bland and boring? or maybe you just want to get more nutrients in your diet? Well, this fantastic method of infusing fruit into your water, makes this much more tasty and exciting! This super easy DIY detox drink with blueberries and lemon will sure to have your taste buds tingling. Blueberries are great for lowering down the cholesterol level and improving the blood circulation in the body. One the other hand, lemons are wonderful for enhancing the metabolism that burns fat in our body. Mint leaves are great for countering digestive problems that had been causing you to bloat or become...

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Recipe for Kvass (A Fermented Tonic)

Ever heard of Kvass? It originated in Russia and was traditionally made with stale sourdough rye bread. Kvass can also be made with beets, and traditional homes in the Ukraine always had a bottle on hand. It was often used as a tangy addition in soups, vinaigrettes, and borscht. As chopped beets mix with sea salt, the sugar and starch convert to lactic-acid perfectly preserving it. Kvass is full of beneficial enzymes, friendly probiotic bacteria, and increased vitamin levels. Regularly eating lacto-fermented vegetables like these, or incorporating beet kvass into your diet, will promote healthy gut flora and greater absorption of nutrients from your food. It’s very important to use filtered water, free from chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. These...

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Baking Soda: Common Pantry Item Can Replace All Household Chemicals

Have you ever considered to use baking soda for your cleaning purposes? There are hundreds of different kinds of chemical cleaners for cleaning different things from kitchen counters and bathtubs to toothpaste and face wash. All of them are essentially doing the same thing, cleaning. The use of these toxic chemicals is unnecessary, especially when one simple natural product that goes for about $2 a box at your local grocery store can do the trick just as easily. Something that has been sitting under our noses all along, little old sodium bicarbonate, also known as Baking Soda Baking soda helps regulate pH balances allowing it to clean and neutralize odors like a champ. You can use baking soda for almost everything;...

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The Most Dangerous, Lung Damaging, Bathroom Cleaner And How To Replace It

Bathrooms can be the biggest source of personal and environment harm from our home. It is where we use the largest amount of our household water, a large amount of energy to make hot water, and generate chemical pollution due to the daily use of soap and bathroom cleaners. Toilet cleaners, for one, are highly toxic. According to Washington Toxics Coalition acidic toilet bowl cleaners are one of the most acutely dangerous cleaning products. The combined ingredients of chlorine and ammonia pose a threat because they can react with each other or other chemicals to form lung-damaging gases. And to think we just blindly dump these poisons down our drain, directly into our water supply. Here is an alternative, an...

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Flavored water recipes

Here are some simple yet delicious flavored water recipes. They will make drinking water everyday easier and more enjoyable! Additionally, let’s not forget to mention about the health benefits that come along with each drink. Flavored Water Recipe #1 – The Lemon Squeeze Squeeze an entire lemon into your pitcher of water. Notably, when you do this, your kidneys and liver will love you! Lemon helps to rehydrate the system by cleaning out the liver and kidneys. Moreover, they help out with the lymphatic system and the flow of waste out of the body. Also, it is a natural energiser. It oxygenates your body by giving you a boost of energy similar to a cup of coffee. Lemon also has...

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