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7 Eco-Friendly, Money Saving, and Health Promoting Laundry Tips

By Water Liberty February 09, 2019 0 comments

There’s always options and alternative methods to the consumer-like habits we have to save not only time, money, and energy but also to protect our environment and our health. So here are a few tips that you can try out in the laundry room. 

1) Wear it more than once:

For some reason we have come to believe that if you wear something once its dirty and we toss it into the hamper out of habit. When actually, you can most often wear something a couple of times. Wait until you clothes are actually visibly dirty, or begin to smell a tad funky before you wash them. This leads me to tip #2

2) Wash only full loads of laundry:

Wait for something to be actually dirty to wash it, this will allow you to collect a nice pile of dirty clothes for a full load. Did you know that a load of laundry uses up to 40 gallons of water? Don’t have enough to do a full load? This now brings me to Tip #3

3) Try hand washing:

Don’t have enough to do a full load? Try to hand wash a few items in baking soda, especially if they just need a refreshing rinse, rather than wasting all that water and energy just to wash a few items. Like I said before, 40 gallons is a lot of water to just flush down the drain on a pair of socks and t-shirt.

4) Hang it out to try:

Save some energy, and some money, and hang up laundry to dry on a clothes line or on some hangers by a sunny window, especially during the summer when its nice and sunny out.

5) Skip the dry cleaners:

Most “dry clean only” clothes can actually be hand washed in cold water. Traditional dry cleaning is one of the most toxic processes out there. The chemicals used are potent carcinogens, such as perchloroethylene which has been linked to numerous cancers and health problems.

Not only do you absorb these harsh chemicals through your skin when you go to wear that outfit, when you bring these clothes home those toxic fumes infiltrate your home and hang around causing silent damage. If you do need to dry clean something, make sure you take it out of the bag and hang it outside for a couple hours to air out the sneaky poisons and keep them out of your home.

6) Use natural stain remover:

If you do get a bad stain that regular laundry detergent or the MLS might have trouble getting out, go for something natural like our natural  . There is always a natural alternative to stain removal.

And last but not least..

7) Switch to a natural laundry detergent or alternative method to washing your clothes:

You’ve already done this with the Magnetic Laundry System, so you are ahead of the game!

Hope this has inspired you to try out a new ‘greener’ habit when it’s time to do the laundry next.

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