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10 Ways to Help Your Home Save Energy and Water

By Water Liberty October 24, 2017 0 comments

In life, we constantly look for ways to live more comfortably. Whether it is saving money on groceries, earning more money, or even cutting back on important expenses such as life insurance. Hopefully, it should go without saying that the latter is a very bad thing to do - especially when you could save easy money on your bills. Today, we have 10 ways of saving energy and water to therefore reduce your bills. How good would it be to get your next bill in the post and have money to spend elsewhere? Luckily for you, we have some superb tips! 

Adjust Your Thermostat - Recently, there has been a lot of conversation regarding the thermostat and for good reason. According to reports, 10% will be added to each and every bill* you have for every degree above 20 that you set your thermostat. Considering the winter is thought to contribute 30% of your annual bill, you would be wise to set your thermostat between 18 and 20 degrees during these months.

Wait for Full Loads - Whether you have half a load or a full load, a dishwasher and washing machine will use the same amount of water. Therefore, it seems crazy that you would even consider anything other than a full load. Furthermore, it should also be noted that the machines themselves are very important. If you still have an old machine, you could be consuming more water and energy than necessary.

Insulation - Whilst we are on the topic of consuming less energy, everyone should now have insulation within their home. Let’s face it, the cost of having insulation put in is actually affordable these days and you will save a lot of money in the long run. For a ‘leaky’ home, insulation is said to cause a $1,500 difference in heating bills per year*.

Check for Leaks - Here, simplicity is key and you should regularly check for leaking pipes or a leak within your toilet.

Don’t Flush Items - Sadly, sometimes poor habits are to blame for excessive bills so stop flushing away blue paper towels, facial tissue, and cigarettes. With such items, around six gallons* can be wasted instantly.

Limit Your Showers - On a cold morning, there is nothing better than standing under the hot water of a shower. However, it makes us want to stay in forever which costs money. Instead, try and limit the time you spend in the shower or switch the water off when not necessary.

Seal Doors and Windows - For something that costs so little to fix, it seems strange that everyone hasn't already done this step. Underneath doors and on windows, you should place draught-blockers so that the heat stays within the home. With these in place, you will need the heating on for less time and you can save money.

Stop Using Standby - When looking to save energy, many people think it is impossible but it is more about removing misconceptions than providing tips. For example, did you know that having your gadgets on standby still uses energy? In fact, around 10% of your electric bill will come from ‘standby mode’.

Energy-Efficient Lights - In terms of tips, this is as simple as it gets. Instead of using the classic light bulbs, switch over to energy-efficient options and you will save money.

Be Smart - Finally, just try and make smart decisions when it comes to using water and energy. As long as you consciously make smart decisions, you will air dry laundry when the sun is out and make other great decisions!



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