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What’s the Point of ‘Eco-Friendly’?

By Water Liberty March 01, 2019 0 comments

So what does eco-friendly even mean and why is it such a trend these days?

Our generation has come to a tipping point when it comes to life on this planet…

Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends on our natural environment. “Eco-friendly” and sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which we humans and nature can exist in harmony.

We have the technology to revolutionize the way we live and save our planet for generations to come.

Or we can succumb to our ignorance and corporate greed and drive ourselves into near extinction as we obliterate every natural resource on this planet…

So far we’re not doing so well.. we’re cutting down the planet’s largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon forest, at three football pitches per minute…

Massive garbage patches are floating adulterating or oceans, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated to be about the size of Texas and you can see it from space.

Some cities or so polluted with smog that children have grown up never having even seen the moon!

This is why every single step, big or small, you take towards leading a greener, more ‘eco-friendly’ life counts!

If its switching to the Magnetic Laundry System or using a re-usable tote bag at the grocery store, you are reducing your footprint, you are being that change we all wish to see in the world.

Money talks.

Every time you make a purchase you are voting with your dollar. Which side are you backing?

Harmony or obliteration, it’s your call.

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