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How To Wash All Your Clothes In Cold Water

By Aaron T October 31, 2017 0 comments

Generally speaking, we all tend to wash our laundry in either warm or hot water. Even when doing the dishes, we can see the difference when we try to wash our dishes in cold water versus hot water.

But if you could wash everything in cold water, with the same squeaky clean result, would you? 

Think of all the money you’d save on your energy bill by NOT heating the water every time you go to wash a load of laundry

Give this a go:

Pre-soak soiled laundry in cold water for about an hour or so with a few tablespoons of baking soda.

If you’ve got one of those washing machines that loads from the top, just leave your lid open once the machine fills up with water and add some backing soda. Wait an hour and close the lid to let it resume it’s cycle.

Till next time,

The Water Liberty Team


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