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Water’s 4th phase, hexagonal crystalline liquid

By Water Liberty January 31, 2019 0 comments

We are about to share with you something that we are really passionate about. You’re probably familiar with water and how it has 3 phases, right? Indeed, liquid, solid, and gas. However, did you know about water’s 4th phase, hexagonal crystalline liquid?
Notably about 100 years ago a physical chemist by the name of Sir William Hardy suggested that there was a 4th phase of water. This is a phase in between a liquid form and a solid form. Today scientists are beginning to see that Hardy was right. In fact, there IS a 4th phase of water: liquid crystalline water (or structured water or hexagonal water).

For instance, if you look at the clusters of water molecules in regular water, they tend to look like a zigzag-ed worm. The bonds between the molecules continually break and reform. As a matter of fact, there is no structure and the water tends to be haphazardly put together. It’s kind of chaotic. Most noteworthy, structured water is that water molecules come together and form organised hexagonal bonds. This is typically only found in solid form (ice).

So what’s the big deal about the 4th phase of water?
This structure to the water reveals hidden qualities and characteristics that are different from ordinary water. This phenomenon baffled many scientists. In fact, a new science is beginning to emerge as they explore the possibilities of this crystal-like water!
This hexagonal structure to water literally brings water to life.

By way of example, the water vibrates at the same level as healthy human cells do, at 75 Hertz. Along with the structure comes what we like to call super powers. Additionally, the water provides high-caliber hydration and detoxification, improves nutrient absorption, cellular communication, and even increased metabolic efficiency.

A great example to explain this phenomenon is the book MJ Pangman, “Hexagonal Water, The Ultimate Solution”: “The difference between normal water and hexagonally structured water is similar to the difference between a piece of quartz and a quartz crystal.” We use crystals to make computers and there is no way we could use a rock to do the same job, even though the two are chemically the similar.

Just like in water, the two stones differ from each other only in a structural component, the crystal form is in perfect geometric symmetry and the stone is not. With this analogy, we can begin to understand the importance of what this means for our water technology.
It turns water from, “Yeah, water. That liquid you drink.”
Into, “Water! This mysterious element (that we actually know little about) is full off limitless potential.”
About Dr. Gerald Pollack

Dr. Gerald Pollack, professor of bio-engineering and expert in water and health, has done numerous experiments where he harnesses free energy from 4th phase water. On the other hand, he’s figured out how to turn water into a battery! Check out Dr. Pollack’s presentation on Ted Talks here.
It’s pretty mind blowing!

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