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All Water Liberty’s products have gone through extensive research, analysis and lab tests before they are offered to you. Our goal is to bring breakthrough technologies that will make a difference in your everyday life and to ensure all our products meet our quality standards. Since established, we have striven to discover the best and innovative products that are backed up by research and lab tests.


Adya Clarity – Read Our Lab Reports

Adya Clarity is tested and proven by an EPA-certified lab to remove toxic contaminants – even those that are invisible to the eye. These include fluoride, heavy metals, disinfectants and their by-products, agricultural chemicals, and pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites).

As a natural health product licensed by Health Canada, Adya Clarity also replenishes water with a well balanced matrix of healthy minerals.

The safety and effectiveness of Adya Clarity were validated by human clinical trials. It is clinically proven to reduce Aluminum, Lead, Mercury and Arsenic – that may be accumulated in the body for many years – by an average of 42% within 30 days.

Blood and hair analysis were also conducted and evaluated by Hippocrates Health Institute – one of most respected Natural Health Institute.


Vitalizer Plus – Read Our Lab Reports

Vitalizer Plus transforms your water to structured, hexagonal water. Photos taken by Dr. Emoto’s lab at the I.H.M. Research Institute clearly indicate a much greater degree of organization and long term stability of the crystalline, hexagonal water – after vortexing for only 9 minutes.

Tap, bottled, and most filtered water are composed of large clusters that cannot move freely into the cells.

Hexagonal water, on the other hand, is smaller water molecule. Structured water is scientifically documented to be a more effective carrier for nutrient absorption and toxin removal while hydrating your body at a cellular level.

Vitalizer Plus has received CE certification and patents worldwide – from US, Asia to Europe. This patented technology generates a powerful vortex motion which allows minerals and oxygen to be easily absorbed into water molecules.

Vitalizer Plus mimics nature’s principles in making structured, oxygenated, mineralized and alkalinized at the convenience and comfort of your home.




MLS is a patented technology, proven to be a durable and environmental – friendly alternative to laundry detergent. It is also a healthy solution to those suffering from chemical sensitivity. MLS cleans and releases stains hiding in your fabrics by changing the water properties, making water a more effective cleaning agent.

With multiple permanent magnets arranged in a unique configuration, MLS generates a powerful magnetic field – that is at least 390 times stronger than fridge magnets. Its unique design and resilient case further protect it from wear out due to washer agitation.