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Quality Assurance

Our products are patented, licensed, and certified - which are proven to be safe and effective for consumption. The complete process of manufacturing and packaging of each individual product are all compliant to standards. We uphold scientific and clinical excellence by conducting clinical trials and lab tests to support evidence based product and health claims.

Adya Clarity

Every batch of Adya Clarity is tested by an independent, EPA-certified laboratory using standardized test methods. We go above and beyond to ensure the purity, safety and consistency of the finished products before delivering to all our customers across the world. Adya Clarity uses the same ingredients as Adya Minerals, which has been reviewed by Health Canada as a natural health product since 2011 (Natural Health Product Number: 80028256). Over the years, Adya Clarity has been made available worldwide as a safe and effective water purification product, including Southeast Asia, South America, South Africa and Europe.

Vitalizer Plus

Vitalizer Plus is CE-certified and has received numerous patents - including US, Indonesia, China, Korea and Japan. It is also endorsed by Dr. Emoto from I.H.M Research Institute in Japan.


This technology has received two US patents for over a decade. All units come with a 50 years manufacturer warranty. That means, as long as you own the units, they are guaranteed to be effective. If there is any defect, simply send them back to us and we will repair or replace them for you. We also provide a 90 days money back guarantee. This period is much longer than what most companies offer - because we want you to try out the MLS for an extensive period of time and experience their cleaning power.