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Research: Adya Clarity

Adya Clarity Lab Tests & Hair Sample Tests

Arsenic, Lead and Mercury Reduction Test Report #14-130 - As, Pb, Hg
Adya was found to reduce Arsenic, Lead and Mercury to undetectable limits.
4-Methyl-1-Cyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) Reduction Test Report
# 14-16
The same chemical that spilled into West Virginia causing 300,000 people to go without water, Adya Clarity has been proven to take out 99.99% of it from water after adding Adya Clarity and passing the water through a simple coffee filter.
Reduction Test
Adya was found to trap nearly100% of fluoride contaminants
reduction test
REPORT #11-167 Adya was found not only to reduce Hexavalent Chromium below EPA Standards, but alsoconverts it to chromium-3, an essential dietary element for humans,
Compounds Reduction Test
# 11-258-VOC
Adya was found to decrease more than 80 VOCs to undetectable limits in water.
Bacteria Reduction Test REPORT
Adya was found to kill four types of bacteria commonly present in water: Escherichia coli, Enterobacter cloacae, Protus mirablis and Pseudomonos aeuginosa
Chlorine Reduction Test REPORT
Adya was found to reduce chlorine contaminants by 100%
Chloramine Reduction Test REPORT
Adya was found to reduce chloramine contamination contamination below detectable limits. Report1
Chemical Reduction Test REPORT
Adya was found to reduce bisphenol a (BPA) in the pharmaceutical section - 99.5% reduction.
UV-VIS Absorption Test REPORT
This test is from the strongest spectrometer that the EPA has. It had to be sent to a special EPA facility to get tested. Just so you understand, Adya tests very high which means it is phase 4/structured water. The structure in the water is what allows for a higher UV light absorption capability. When light can penetrate the water, this means the water is unstructured. When light is absorbed(light cannot penetrate), it's a sign the water is structured.
Aluminum Test REPORT
pH 7.9
Aluminum (ICP-MS) 39ug/L
Iron (ICP-MS) <0.020 mg="" l="" td="">
Radiation Test REPORT
Iodine 131 (I-131) - N.D. (non-detectable)
Cesium 134 (Cs-134) - N.D. (non-detectable)
Cesium 136 (Cs-136) - N.D. (non-detectable)
Cesium 137 (Cs-137) - N.D. (non-detectable)


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Dr. Brian Clement from The Hippocrates Institute Reveals Adya Clarity Findings

Recently, the Hippocrates Health Institute, which is a very prominent leader in natural health, stepped forward and did a study on Adya Clarity and what they found completely blew them away.

An interview was released with Dr. Brian Clement, watch it right here:


Patented “Adya Supercritical Extraction Process” Is The Key toThe Healing and Purifying Power…


Black mica (also known as Biotite), a naturally occurring mineral, has been used therapeutically in Ayurvedic Medicine, one of the world’s oldest holistic and alternative medicines.


Although the black mica has a long history in health benefits, the specific use for healing the body and purifying water has not been explored. It was not until a Japanese Scientist, Dr. Asao Shimanishi, a Japanese Scientist, who discovered that the very same mineral, can also remove contaminants in water.

He went on to invent a ground-breaking process to extract and formulate black mica to a simple, portable, and concentrated liquid water purifier. In Japan, this black mica extract has been used in the treatment for raw sewage and wastewater for agriculture, horticulture and aquatics purposes.

After the extraction process was granted a US patent in 1988, the black mica extract has been introduced to North America and was named as Adya Clarity. Adya means “pristine, original state” in Indian.

As stated in the original patent application (US patent number: 4,776,963):

“This invention is to provide a sterilizing water purifying reagent for drink(ing) and is harmless for human body….This invention can insolubilize organic materials dissolved in sewage and sterilize bacteria.”

As black mica is extracted using a patented process, this means that Adya Clarity is a “one-of-a-kind” purification technology with unique properties that cannot be found in any other water purification products.

1Pitawala, A. et al. (2009). Chemical and Structural Changes in Biotite During Preparation of Ayurvedic Medicine. Journal of Geological Society of Sri Lanka, Vol.3.p.15-22. Source:

U.S. patent 4,776,963 is the process which extracts the Black Mica minerals for a wide variety of water purification uses.

Patent bottle