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NanoSponge [6-Pack Special]
NanoSponge [6-Pack Special]
NanoSponge [6-Pack Special]
NanoSponge [6-Pack Special]

NanoSponge [6-Pack Special]

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The newest in pathogen resistant durable sponge technology, the NanoSponge is a great supplementary cleaning tool to the NanoTowels. Use the NanoSponge in a large number of applications where the towels can’t to provide a just as effective cleaning action such as tough scrubbing and cleaning jobs in the sink or around the house. 

Product Features

Cheaply bought sponges may last only a couple of weeks before wear and tear appear along with a collection of bacteria and food residue.

NanoSponges are made up of uniquely woven Nanolon fibres to maximize their cleaning properties and last at least twice as long as the average sponge sold in stores. Only water is required to get rid of food build up and hard to clean places. NanoSponges would also stay odor-free.

There are two unique weaves to NanoSponges, one tough, specially woven Nanolon fibre side for scrubbing, and the other side to absorb and wipe away messes. Perfect for virtually any surface you need to clean such as pots, toilets, counter tops, tiles, granite, stainless, stove tops, windows, mirrors, and more.


6 inches x 4 inches


Use the NanoSponge for places the NanoTowel can’t get and without the need of adding toxic chemicals.