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Adya Clarity 32oz Bottle + 2 x 2oz Bottles Bonus

Adya Clarity 32oz Bottle + 2 x 2oz Bottles Bonus

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Adya Clarity is a blend of purified water and ionic sulfate minerals, a simple yet revolutionary way to take out contaminants from your water all with just a few drops of Adya Clarity.

The sulfate minerals in Adya Clarity activate water’s natural ability to cleanse itself from chemical and biological contaminants, turning the most disgusting water into the best tasting water on this planet, back in its clean, pristine, and primordial state. The pure and delicious taste delivered by Adya Clarity is beyond compare.

Adya Clarity is filled with ionic sulphate minerals that protect you from the harmful contaminants in your water, binding with them and making them inert.

Without the constant consumption of these poisons that wreak havoc on the human biological systems, the body finally has time to recoup and heal. Often common chronic health conditions ease up or completely disappear because the only reason they were being experience was because of toxicity in the body.

Product Features
Adya Clarity is extracted from black mica, a powerful combination of earth′s naturally occurring minerals. Through a proprietary process (U.S. patent 4,776,963), Black Mica (scientific name: biotite) is extracted for water purification. In the U.S., Adya Clarity is registered and marketed for water purification.

Adya Clarity uses the same ingredients as Adya Minerals, which has been reviewed by Health Canada as a natural health product and approved with NPN (Natural Product Number) 8002856.

Function: Water Purification Tool

Adya Clarity is clinically proven and has been tested by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified lab results to eradicate harmful contaminants in water including:

  1. Hazardous heavy metals: mercury, lead, arsenic, and harmful aluminum
  2. Toxic chemicals: fluoride, chlorine and its by-products, 80 volatile organic compounds, chromium-6
  3. BPAs, PCBs, phthalates, and other oestrogens that disrupt the endocrine system
  4. Pathogenic bacteria and viruses
  5. Pharmaceutical drugs: pain killers, psychotropic drugs, oxycodone, antibioticsResults available here: http://www.waterliberty.com/research.php

Adya Clarity has been clinically proven to be safe for human consumption and has been proven to effectively and safely remove built up heavy metals from within the body, including aluminum, mercury, lead, and arsenic, by an average of 82% within 90 days.

Additionally, hydration of the cells was improved by 39%.


  • Iron 1,334.0 PPM
  • Magnesium 451.0 PPM
  • Potassium 271.0 PPM
  • Calcium 45.0 PPM
  • Phosphorus 30.5 PPM
  • Manganese 21.6 PPM
  • Zinc 2.1 PPM

Units used to measure mineral concentration: PPM = parts per million = milligrams per litre

Adya Clarity contains up to over 80 trace minerals including aluminum, barium, cadmium, cobalt, copper, germanium, lithium, molybdenum, nickel, rubidium, selenium, silicon, silver, titanium, tungsten, vanadium. Because Adya Clarity is a natural substance, the mineral concentration may vary.

“Residents of California and Iowa – Due to certain restrictive water treatment registration laws, Adya Clarity may NOT be sold to residents of Iowa, and may ONLY be sold to California Residents for Outdoor and/or Recreational uses. Please ONLY use Adya Clarity for Outdoor/Recreational uses if you live in California. For more information please reference http://www.cdph.ca.gov/certlic/device/Pages/WTD-FAQ.aspx.” “The Adya Portable Water Filtration Unit and replacement filters are NOT available for residents of California or Iowa due to certain restrictive water treatment registration law. For more information please reference http://www.cdph.ca.gov/certlic/device/Pages/WTD-FAQ.aspx.” California Residents – Once treated we recommend filtration with an outdoor/recreational filter“

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