About WaterLiberty.com & Kacper Postawski

The aim of WaterLiberty.com and all of the Kacper Postawski Companies is to bring wellness and joy into people's lives through better health, sustainable living, and spiritual awakening.

I started WaterLiberty.com to share the years of research that I have accumulated about the dirty water crisis that we all face. But I also wanted to share an amazing solution that I discovered along my journey. It's called Black Mica, and it is truly a "Miracle Mineral".

So take the time to read whats on this site and educate yourself. I sincerely hope this website is a valuable resource for your own journey towards better health and cleaner water!

If you have the stomach for it, and you really want to know whats in your water I highly recommend that you download my free eBook:

Free eBook: 7 Deadly Dangers In Your Water

Through everything we do, we hope to be a shining light of inspiration, motivation, and information to help you the fullest and most rewarding life possible!

- Kacper Postawski & Community