This Amazing Make Up Remover Cloth Can
Remove Your Entire Make Up
With Nothing But Water

  • Better Skin: No more using harsh chemicals to remove your make up

  • Save Money: No more spending money on buying chemical removers

  • Convenient: All you need is WATER!


See What Our Customers Are Saying...
  • No longer need to use moisturizer or fancy cleansers. This towel leaves my skin soft and clean feeling. My skin regimen is so much easier now that I just need to use this towel. - Jisha Jose
  •   This product is amazing. It removes all traces of makeup. The towel is soft on your face. Just rinse the towel and it cleans without any effort. I will never buy makeup removal again, this takes care of it. I am buying an extra one for traveling. - Liliam
  • "Great product! Works really well and material is soft on your skin." - Brittany Larson
  • "Great towels for easy makeup removal. No other products needed to remove my makeup. I have sensitive skin and sometimes soaps and cleaners irritate my skin. Just using water works each time." - Janet B. Olingy
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the NanoTowel Makeup Remover made of?
The NanoTowels are made from the unique, patented Nanolon® fiber. Nanolon® fiber which is different from other types of fabric technology, is hundreds of times finer than a human hair. In fact, each square inch of the towel contains almost 100,000 nanolon® fibers! 

Because this towel contains teeny tiny fibers that act like fingers, it can get deep into your pores and pull out the oil and dirt residues accumulated in them.
How can the NanoTowel Makeup Remover clean better than other similar products on the market?
 Unlike other towels which have thicker fibers, this remover is made up of extremely fine Nanolon® fibers that act like fingers, getting deep into your pores and pulling out oil and dirt residues accumulated in them.
Disclaimer: Results may vary per individual. Remember NOT to use bleach or fabric softeners.