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Adya Clarity

What is the shelf life of Adya Clarity?

As long as it is stored properly out of direct sunlight, Adya Clarity Solutions will not expire. Water purified with Adya Clarity will not expire if sufficient minerals are present in the water to treat incoming contaminants. Adya Clarity water in a hot tub is good for 8 months.

How much Adya Clarity should I add?

The amount depends on the quality and type of water used. For most water, we recommend a dilution ratio of 1:1000. To calculate the amount of Adya Clarity you need, divide the volume of water by 1000.

How do I use Adya Water Filtration System in conjunction with Adya Clarity? Do I have to use it?

The Adya Water Filtration System is a gravity fed, free standing device that does not require electricity and is BPA free. To effectively remove the precipitates, we recommend using Adya Clarity in conjunction with the Adya Water Filtration System. You can also use coffee filter or cheese cloth to remove the precipitates. How to use the filtration system? In a separate container, treat water with Adya Clarity for >24hours. Pour the treated water in the Top Tank. The water is ready to drink once it passes through the system. Note: If untreated water is poured into the Top Tank, dissolved contaminants may pass through the filter.

How long will my Adya Clarity last?d

2 oz – transforms approximately 15 gallons of water

16 oz -transforms approximately 125-150 gallons of water

32 oz -transforms approximately 250-300 gallons of water

Why is Adya Clarity kept in a plastic bottle? Is that safe?

The bottle used to package Adya Clarity is made of food-grade, high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. HDPE is a lightweight, easily recyclable, and non-toxic material that is one of the most common varieties of plastics in the world. Glass is not used for bottling, as it can break easily during shipping. Packaging Adya Clarity in stainless steel or glass increases weight of shipping, carbon imprint, and shipping cost.

Although the precipitated sediment is harmless and inert, how can I remove them from water

After reacting with the minerals, the precipitate is inert and will not get mixed back into the water. Even if you drink it, it will pass out through bodily functions. However, sediments may not always be appealing to consume. You can simply pour the the clean water at the top into another container. You can filter the sediments using: Adya Clarity Water Filtration System (most effective) Coffee filter Cheese cloth ** In order to avoid small sediments from passing through, do not apply too much pressure when filtering with a coffee filter or cheese cloth. Please store clean water in container made of: Glass Stainless steel Ceramic BPA-free plastic

Why didn't I see any sediment after adding Adya Clarity?

The effects may vary depending on the amount and types of contaminants in the water. Only inorganic minerals and heavy metal contaminants form sediments. Chlorine, Fluoride and other gaseous contaminants evaporate off the top. Complex contaminants, like micro-organisms, may take longer to treat and you may not observe the effect immediately. The recommended wait time is 24-72 hours. If the starting water is clean (i.e. distilled, spring, filtered water), there may not be enough contaminants in the water to form precipitate. When treating a small amount of water, it is unlikely to observe a significant amount of residues. Just because there is no obvious sediment, it doesn’t mean that no contaminants are pulled by minerals. If you filter the treated water using the Adya Clarity Filtration System, you will notice the subtle sediments – almost invisible. After repeated uses, the white ceramic filter (trapping contaminants pulled by Adya Clarity) turned orange and slimy. We have attached a picture for your reference. Cloudiness and color change are signs of the initial purification steps, as the dissolved contaminants are coming out of solution. After a period of time, contaminants may clump together and form precipitates that settle to the bottom of your water. Try warming up the water. Warm temperature speeds up the precipitation process. Heat does not affect the effectiveness of the minerals.

I'm allergic to drugs with sulfates. Can I take Adya Clarity?

Not all sulfates are created the same. Chemical synthetic based sulfates are not the same as the sulfates in Adya Clarity, which are in their natural salt form. Most sulfate allergies are associated with the chemical sulfates that are added to food and drugs. Natural sulfates are found in all fruits and vegetables in trace amounts.Some people are allergic to chemical sulfates in wine but have no problem with the natural sulfates in Adya Clarity.

What should I do if I experience detox symptoms?

If your body has toxins build up, you may experience detox symptoms. This is because Adya Clarity contains essential minerals that activate body’s detoxification system. The symptoms vary greatly between individuals. These include headaches, fatigue, bloating and dizziness. To alleviate the symptoms, you can: 1. allow you body to rest by stop taking Adya Clarity for a few days (while drinking lots of regular water) 2. reduce the dosage by half for a few days, or even more. Once your body adjusts to it, you can increase back to the recommended dosage. The symptoms should go away if you follow the recommendations and properly dilute Adya Clarity. Adya Clarity has been clinically proven to be safe for consumption. The report can be viewed here:


Adya Clarity has variety of usages, other than drinking?

Adya Clarity can purify water for: Beverages, from juice, soda, coffee to tea * Note: Flavour may alter slightly after adding Adya Clarity Cooking Cleaning agent (e.g. pool, hot tub) Bath (e.g. body and foot bath) Agriculture (e.g. fertilizer) Aquaculture Pets

How many minerals do I get in Adya water?

The amount of minerals per teaspoon of Adya Clarity (before dilution): 1 teaspoon treats approximately 1.3 gallons (5 litres) of water. Iron 6.20 mg/tsp Magnesium 2.05 mg/tsp Potassium 1.02 mg/tsp Calcium 0.13 mg/tsp Phosphorus 0.12 mg/tsp Manganese 0.11 mg/tsp Sodium 0.08 mg/tsp Zinc 0.01 mg/tsp Vanadium 0.01mg/tsp Adya Clarity provides you with clean water that has complete minerals in the most readily absorbable forms. Because the minerals are dissolved in water, they are easily taken up by our cells to activate enzymes and waken our organs’ activity. 

Why do I see white, slimy 'floaties' and precipitates in the bottles?

These are minerals precipitating out of solution – because there is a high amount of mineral salts in Adya Clarity. They are completely safe to consume and do not affect the effectiveness of Adya Clarity. The precipitates were tested by an independent, EPA certified lab. The results showed that no microorganisms are detected and the mineral content in the precipitate is the same as Adya Clarity. You can remove the precipitates using coffee filter or cheese cloth, if you find it unpleasant to look at. If the bottles are unopened, the minerals can precipitate out – due to change in temperature and altitude during storage and transportation. If the bottles are opened, please store them in cool, dark area (*do not refrigerate) to prevent dramatic change in temperature. 

What contaminants are removed by Adya Clarity?

* Tested and proven by independent, EPA-certified lab results http://www.waterliberty.com/research.php + Tested and proven by human blood tests http://www.waterliberty.com/HeavyMetal30DayStudy.pdf Reduce 159 harmful industrial chemicals, including 80 volatile organic compounds.* 100% reduction of chlorine, and reduce chloramines and trihalomethanes to below detectable limits.* Reduce 99.95% of tested pharmaceuticals and basic drugs.* Significantly reduce 79 different agricultural chemicals.* Reduce heavy metals in water and from the body+, including aluminum and mercury, lead, and Arsenic. Convert toxic chromium-6 in water to beneficial chromium-3, an essential dietary element.* Convert toxic Sodium Fluoride in water to harmless Calcium Fluoride, which naturally occurs in various water sources.* Kill 4 types of disease causing micro-organisms and prevent their growth. Reduce up to 99.85% of tested bacteria, viruses and parasites.* Provide up to 100 trace minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.

Will Adya Clarity destroy my metal fillings?

Adya water will not negatively affect fillings, amalgams, pacemakers, or other dental/medical/metal implants. People who have fillings/ heavy metals might experience grey streaks in their teeth. This is the metals precipitating out. Some people reported that they have had people get blacking colored finger tips, lips, or even taste like they have had copper pennies in their mouth. This is not very common unless you are extremely heavy metal toxic. The grey streaks in the teeth will go away over a short time. 

How much Adya Clarity should I add to treat water used for baths, hot tubs and pools?
Volume of Water Dosage Required Recommendation
Bath Average Bathtub
3 Tablespoons
Foot Bath A Large Bowl 1 Tablespoon
Hot Tub 1.3 Gallons 1 Teaspoon
Wait 5 Minutes Before Bath
Pool 13 Gallons 1 Teaspoon  



Vitalizer Plus

How do I use Adya Clarity in conjunction with Vitalizer Plus?

Using Adya Clarity in conjunction with Vitalizer Plus will take your water to the next level (beyond purity) – maximizing the benefits for greater health and hydration. Here are the steps for using Adya Clarity with Vitalizer Plus: Purify water by adding the recommended amount of Adya Clarity. Wait 24-72 hours to ensure all contaminants are treated OR 5-15 minutes if you are confident that the water is clean. If sediments are observed, remove sediments using coffee filter or Adya Clarity Filtration System (preferred) Fill the pitcher of Vitalizer Plus with the treated water. *Please note: Discolouration of the pitcher may occur if Adya Clarity is added directly to water filled in the pitcher of Vitalizer Plus *If you wish to add Adya Clarity directly to the pitcher, please clean regularly. Cleaning instructions are provided in page 3 of the user guide that comes with the package.

I just started drinking vitalized water, how much water should I drink?

It is usually best to start drinking small amounts of vitalized water, and gradually increasing the amount to the recommended amount. We suggest the 9 minutes setting to start.

Age and Health Conditions Begin Drinking
Young and healthy 8 oz, twice a day
50+ 2 oz everyday for the first week
Health challenges  2 oz everyday for the first week

It is important to continue drinking at least 8 glasses of regular water each day while you are increasing the amount of vitalized water.

Is there any research on the science and health benefits of drinking hexagonal water?

Yes! A number of doctors and health professionals have conducted a variety of tests to verify the effectiveness of hexagonal water produced in the Vitalizer Plus. Recent testing performed by Shelton Educational Services in Phoenix, AZ, showed that one glass of vitalized water improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV) scores by an average of 29.4% – in just 10 minutes. Similar testing showed that point scores using Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA) also improved significantly (24.7%), in the same 10-minute period of time. Other methods, including live blood analysis, body composition analysis, and Kirlian photography show marked improvement after drinking vitalized water. 

What are the dimensions and capacity of the Vitalizer Plus?

Dimensions: 12” X 12” X 16” Weight: 10 lbs Capacity: 0.6 gallons/ 2.2 liters 

Troubleshooting: 'Why is the water not vortexing?'

Here are some things to take note of: The pitcher is not properly seated on the top of the base. Please make sure that the handle is positioned on the right portion of the base and properly locked. The base has a protruding plastic that serves as a lock for the pitcher. Spinner is out of its position – this may occur when pouring water into the pitcher. Please make sure that the spinner is sitting in the right position (ie. seated inside the hollow part of the mineral cube). Check that the water flows down from the inside of the pitched and not directly on the center where the spinner is seated. If you could create a video of the issue we would forward it to the Fulfillment team, they would be able to understand better what the problem is. Here are some options to forward us the video – as the file is too large to be sent through email: If you have a Gmail account, you can upload it to Google Drive: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2423694?hl=en https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2494822?hl=en Or if you have Hotmail/MSN/Outlook, you may upload it to OneDrive: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ph/onedrive/add-photos-files http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ph/onedrive/share-file-folder 

How long will the oxygen remain in vitalized water? Can I reoxygenate the water?

Although the vortexing of the water in the Vitalizer Plus adds a significant amount of oxygen, dissolved oxygen testing reveals that oxygen levels begin to drop soon after the Vitalizer Plus stops. Within an hour, oxygen levels are reduced – but still higher than before vitalization. If you prefer water with a maximum amount of oxygen, simply turn on the Vitalizer Plus for 20 seconds to re-oxygenate your water each time you pour a drink. Perhaps even more important than the amount of oxygen in the water, is the capacity for increased oxygen absorption by the body. Live blood analysis shows that within minutes after drinking hexagonal water produced in the Vitalizer Plus, blood cells are less prone to stick together. This improves oxygen absorption in the tissues as well as nutrient assimilation. 

What is the difference between the 3 time settings (9, 18, 27 minutes) on the Vitalizer Plus?

The longer the cycle – the greater the energy of the water. (Hexagonal Water has a tremendous capacity to store and transfer energy – much more so than regular water.) At 9 minutes, NMR spectroscopy verifies that the water is hexagonally-structured. Dissolved oxygen testing shows increases of up to 30% oxygen. pH tests show significant alkalization and Kirlian photography reveals substantial energy enhancements. It is recommended that everyone begin with 9 minutes. As you become accustomed to drinking more vitalized water, you may want to use the 18 or 27-minute cycles. 

Can children drink vitalized water?

Absolutely! Studies have shown that babies have almost 100% hexagonal water in their bodies when they are born. Replenishing this biologically superior water in children may support greater health and vitality – just like for adults. It may be one of the most important gifts you can give your children. 

What kind of water should be used in the Vitalizer Plus?

For best results, it is recommended to use clean water e.g. distilled water, reverse osmosis water, bottled water, purified water, spring water and even well water if it comes from a pure source. We highly recommend using water purified with Adya Clarity. For instructions on using Adya Clarity in conjunction with Vitalizer Plus, please visit this link http://www.waterliberty.com/helpdesk/knowledgebase.php?article=28 

What is the function of the mineral cube?

As the water swirls in the Vitalizer Plus, the mineral cube releases a balance of minerals, including Calcium, Sodium and Magnesium. These minerals stabilize the hexagonal structure and increase the alkalinity of the water. The addition of mineral cube allows Vitalizer Plus to mimic what occurs in nature. In nature, as water flows over rocks and soil rich in minerals, it collects essential and life-giving minerals. In summary, the water is mineralized, alkalized, and enhanced structurally. 

Is there a '220' version of the Vitalizer Plus for consumers outside the US?

Yes, the Vitalizer Plus is available worldwide. We carry a 220-volt version – one with 2 round plugs and one specifically for the UK with 3 rectangular plugs. We will ship the unit with the appropriate voltage based on the shipping address you provide us. For international shipment, the declared value of the package is $110. If you purchase an additional mineral cube, it will be included in the package. The declared value is $120. 

How often should I replace the mineral cube? How long will it last?

The mineral cube releases “structure-making minerals” into the water. It must be replaced after each 4020 minutes of operation. The Vitalizer Plus is equipped with a digital timer that records the amount of running time. When you have used your mineral cube, “CC” (change cube) will appear on the digital display. For a single person making one batch (0.6 gallons/2.2 litres) of 9-minute water every day, the mineral cube will last well over 1 year (15 months). 

My blender creates vortex too. Can it structure my water like Vitalizer Plus?

The Vitalizer Plus enhances the water similar to what occurs in nature. In nature, minerals (flows through soil rich in minerals) and oxygen are added to the water while it moves in a turbulent movement. The minerals also make the hexagonal structure more stable – that’s why Vitalizer Plus has a mineral cube. Vitalizer Plus also has several powerful magnets in the base to create a strong electromagnetic field – which is not found in blenders. The electromagnetic field is another factor in creating hexagonal structure. In nature, hexagonal water are found in natural springs and underwater volcanic eruption. Vitalizer Plus has received patents worldwide from US, Asia to Europe, proving that it is a unique technology. The US patent was approved in 2004 – long after a blender was invented.

Can other beverages or powders be mixed in the Vitalizer Plus?

It is not recommended that anything but water be placed in the Vitalizer Plus. Powders or juices may leave residues on or in the mineral basket which will affect the taste and color of subsequent batches. However, juices and powders may be mixed with vitalized water in a separate container.





What is the science behind the MLS? How this cleans my laundry without chemicals?

Detergent companies would like to have you believe that it’s chemicals in water that clean your laundry. However, this is actually not true. We normally don’t think about it… it’s actually WATER that cleans your clothes, water is the most powerful element on earth. What did people clean with before soap even existed? Water. Detergent alone won’t clean your clothes…. you need to add water. Because what detergents and soap does is it only changes the surface tension of the water and help the water molecules become more effective and spaced out and slippery to pull the dirt and grime off dirty clothes. This is why soap and detergent has that “slippery/oily” feel. This process is called chemical saponification. The side-effects are, of course, all the toxic chemicals used in the process. What the magnetic laundry system does is the exact same thing, except by using magnetism. The water molecule is already a highly magnetic molecule with a positive and negative charge. When the water rotates with the specially designed magnets, the surface tension of the water tension changes, and the water starts cleaning more effectively, just like with detergent. You get the cleaning power of detergent, without detergent!

Do these magnets ever have to be replaced? How long do they last?

You only have to get it once and it lasts almost a life-time.The manufacturer’s warranty is 50 years. You will get your money’s worth after washing ten loads of laundry. (Money saved on buying detergent and electricity) In the long run, this saves you thousands of dollars over the time to come. It also makes your clothes last longer as you are protecting your clothes from harsh chemicals – damaging to you, environment and fabric.

How do I use the Laundry System?

It is very easy. Place clothes into the washing machine with enough for a normal load and place the units on opposite sides of the agitator.If you are using a front loading machine, please tips in the following link: http://www.waterliberty.com/helpdesk/admin/knowledgebase_private.php?article=33&back=1 Before turning on the machine, you can manually bypass the rinse cycle . (You may need to contact your machine’s manufacturer for instructions). Since there are no chemicals used in the process, you have no chemicals to rinse out. This can save up to 40 gallons of water, electricity, heat and sewage needed to run the rinse cycle. You may choose to use additives the wash with the system, although this is not necessary. This includes bleach, liquid/ sheet fabric softeners, pre-treat stain removers, detergent. You can certainly reduce the amount of chemicals used while achieving the same cleaning performance. Set the washing machine to what-ever setting you normally use and start the machine.*For best results, it is recommended to set the temperate to hot, but you may use any temperature you wish. The unit may remain in the washing machine throughout all cycles. When final cycle is completed, the units most likely will be attracted to one another. This is completely normal. As long as the magnets is in closely proximity to the water, they will perform their maximum effectiveness.

Do you have pretreatment tips for removing tough stains?

Here are a few pretreatment tips prior to throwing it in the washer with MLS. Please note that: The tips we offer here is for regular common fabric (eg. cotton). For delicate fabrics (eg. silk and leather), special care may be required. You may also want to perform a spot test on an inconspicuous area. TIME and HEAT determine how effective it is. This means, treat the stain as soon as you can! Don’t let it set and dry out. Also, hot temperature is more effective in breaking down some types stains. Method 1 – Household items Blot away excessive grease or oil.(Optional) To soak up grease, cover stain generously with absorbent, such baby powder or cornstarch. Remove powder with spoon or paper towel Apply (a) dishwasher detergent OR (b) soap OR (c) mixture of white vinegar and baking soda Use a tooth brush to rub the stain from both inside and outside of the fabric. Let it sit for 10-20 minsute Repeat step 2 to 3 if necessary. Put into washer with MLS Method 2 – WD 40 Spray WD-40 on stain. Let is set into the clothing for 20 mins Cover stain with baking soda. Scrub stain with toothbrush – both inside and outside of the fabric. Spray regular strength natural enzymatic stain remover Put into washer with MLS

Does MLS sanitize and kill bacteria on my clothes?

The cleaning process itself washes away most bacteria. Moreover, hot water kills most microorganisms in the water, You may choose to use natural alternative that consists of straight 5 percent solution of vinegar—such as the ones you can buy in the supermarket. Reports have proven that it kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs. Another proven, natural formulation for sanitization was developed by Susan Sumner, a food scientist at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. You simply need 3% hydrogen peroxide (the same strength found at the drug store for gargling or disinfection), and plain white vinegar. You add these to new clean sprayer, which can be found in any big mass retailer like Wal-Mart or Target. Spray it on areas that are usually loaded with bacteria like the armpits, the neckline, in sweaty areas, in underwear, etc. Make sure that you test the spray in an inconspicuous area of clothing to ensure colorfastness. The hydrogen peroxide is a very effective natural bleach and can bleed colors, so be careful.

Can I use MLS when hand-washing my clothes?

In addition to the amount and temperature of the water, proper and consistent agitation also contribute to cleaning effectiveness. We have not experimented with the use of MLS for hand washing. The patent and independent testing only examine its usage in a traditional washing machine.

Can I use the laundry system in front loading washing machine?

For front loading washing machines, it is recommended to have a full load of laundry. The spinning horizontal axis units may cause added stress to the Laundry System, and generate noise. As an alternative, you can place each of the units inside a durable piece of clothing, such as pants pockets or pair of socks. This will not adversely affect the cleaning action.

Does MLS add scent to my clothes?

There is no scent added when using the MLS. The truth is that clean clothes smell like nothing. They don’t smell like perfume. Most people are accustomed to using detergent, dryer sheet and cleaning products with scent – made of petroleum based, synthetic chemicals. This leads to rashes, respiratory issues to headaches. If you absolutely cannot live without scent, try using a cheap and all-natural alternative – essential oil! Pick your favorite scent. Go for a lighter and clearer essential oil to prevent discoloration. Method 1 You can put a few drops on a cotton cloth and add to the dryer or washer. Method 2 Mix 1 cup of white vinegar, 1 cup of baking soda, 2 cups of water, and 10 drops of essential oil. Shake well before use. Add 0.5 cup for small load and 1 cup for a large load.

Should I add more than two MLS? Will it clean better if I add four of them?

There is no reason to add more than two MLS. According to the patent and independent lab tests, two MLS are sufficient to clean a regular load of laundry. In a nutshell, to save you money, two units would be suffice!

Is it true that the MLS don't need to stick to the drum to work and work in washers with plastic drums?

Absolutely! Whether the magnets stick together, the side of the drum, or none of above, they will clean your clothes. That is the beauty behind this product! The MLS works by changing water structure using magnetic field. As long as the magnets are in or near water, they can change the water structure and properties to clean your clothes. If you were unsure how to use the product or had other questions, please: Ask by submitting a ticket or calling us! Take a look at this knowledge-base for FAQ!

Do the magnets need to remain on the opposite sides of the drum - like the video?

Absolutely not! We apologize if the video is misleading. The magnets will not stick to the drum – even if it is made of metal or stainless steel! The truth is that just like any powerful magnets, they are likely to stick to each other. That’s what you will see at the end of the wash cycle. As long as the magnets are in or near the water throughout the wash cycles, they can change the water properties and clean your clothes.

Can I use MLS if I share the washer with others - specifically in laundromats and apartments with shared washer?

Absolutely! As long as there is water and it is a regular load of laundry, the MLS is able to clean your clothes – regardless of the type of washer, and whether it is a shared washer or not! You will likely need to remove the magnets after you are done with the wash cycle. It will not affect the effectiveness or endurance of the MLS.

How to turn off the rinse cycle of my washer to save water?

It would be best to ask the manufacturer since there are various types of washers using different technologies. We would not want to give you the wrong suggestion and damage your washer.