Dropship Program

Water Liberty’s DropShip Program offers an opportunity for those who would like to start an enterprise without having to invest in product inventory or worry about shipment. It is a program where you can sell our products to anyone, a friend or a family member, through word of mouth or referrals, and upon each successful sale, you will receive 25% of the MSRP as commission. To help you generate more sales, we will be providing you complimentary marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, tri-folds, and master catalogs. This program is currently only available in Canada and United States.

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Wholesale Program

Water Liberty’s Wholesale Program offers substantial savings on bulk purchases. It is a program that allows you to resell goods to retail stores, or to individuals by promoting the product(s) on personal websites. Since you will be the one carrying the inventory, you will have control of each shipment and can ensure that your customers will receive the merchandise in a timely manner. All purchases made from Water Liberty at bulk price will not be eligible for any refunds or exchange as all sales are FINAL. This program is available worldwide.

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Affiliate Program

Water Liberty’s Affiliate Program offers a convenient way for you to earn commission by promoting our products through your own email list. It is a marketing program where investment in product inventory and arrangement for any shipment will not be necessary, because we will take care of it. Upon enrollment, we will provide you with email copies to send off to your email list.  With each successful sale, you will receive a commission and the amount will vary, depending on the product sold. This program is available worldwide.

*This Program is currently on Hold...


Please note that any form of online advertising (including Amazon and eBay) is strictly forbidden in the DropShip Program, the Wholesale Program, and the Affiliate Program. Personal blogs or websites are allowed.



Please refer to the chart below for further details on each program:

For more information please contact Dropship@waterliberty.com or call 1-888-318-9445, and request to direct the call to dropship representatives.