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Vitalizer Plus Machine
Vitalizer Plus Machine

Vitalizer Plus Machine

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About The Vitalizer Plus

The Vitalizer Plus transforms water into a superior hydrator, enhancing metabolic efficiency, increasing energy, and revitalizing your entire body as it emulates nature to hexagonally structure, alkaline, mineralize, and oxygenate your water in the convenience and comfort of your home.

Product Features

The Vitalizer Plus has received CE certification and patents worldwide – from US, Asia to Europe.

Structured, hexagonal water, is scientifically documented to be a more effective carrier for nutrient absorption and toxin removal while hydrating your body at a cellular level.The Vitalizer Plus contains a magnetic spinner sitting inside the mineral cube and two powerful magnets arranged with opposing polarity in the base. They work together to generate powerful magnetic energy field. This simulates the way nature makes structured and energized water (through gravitational and magnetic fields, sun, infrared wavelengths, wind, lightning…Until now, unique water like this has only been found in nature, undisturbed and in its purest form. Today you can bring this water right to your very home.

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