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Crystal Energy by Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Crystal Energy by Dr. Patrick Flanagan

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With the newly discovered mineral colloid, Dr. Patrick Flanagan created Crystal Energy which attracts water molecules, forming highly organized structures. This is the potential key to a better hydration, nutrient replenishment, and waste removal at the cellular level. When your body is dehydrated, it is hard for cells to take up nutrients and get rid of toxic waste but with Crystal Energy which is scientifically proven to help with cellular hydration, you will put fewer burdens on your body. Studies have shown that Crystal Energy helps to increase the flow of water and nutrients across cell membranes 2.54 times faster than ordinary water.

Product Features

Crystal Energy is a form of colloidal silica found in glacial waters around the world. When added to water, Crystal Energy instantly structures water into a liquid crystal, a form that is highly organized. This arrangement more closely matches how water surrounds the cells in the body. Dr. Flanagan’s studies have shown that Crystal Energy lowers water molecules’ surface tension, thereby helping to increase the flow across cell membranes 2.54 times faster than ordinary water. With the increased rate of water flow, cellular hydration, nutrient transportation, and toxin elimination are also increased. When your body is dehydrated, it would be difficult for your cells to acquire nutrients, remove waste or manage pain.

With Crystal Energy, you can ensure that you have structured water to drink everywhere you go.


Put 10 drops per 8 oz of water. A bottle would last between one and two months depending on daily consumption

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